Prepare Your Building Before Reopening

The COVID-19 pandemic drove a myriad of change, specifically how we interact within the same space. Now more than ever, we are aware of our vulnerability and continue to be ever cautious while out in public areas such as work, retail stores, and restaurants. Building owners and property management companies are doing their parts to maintain building HVAC systems and keep tenants and visitors safe from harmful air quality.


In an original article prepared by the REHVA volunteers – Expert Group, a detailed list of ways to protect your building and its occupants by making a few key maintenance fixes to your HVAC systems. “The scope is limited to commercial and public buildings (e.g. offices, schools, shopping areas, sport premises etc.) where only occasional occupancy of infected persons is expected; hospital and healthcare facilities (usually with a larger concentration of infected people) are excluded.”


  1. Secure ventilation of spaces with outdoor air
  2. Switch ventilation to nominal speed at least two hours before the building usage time and switch to lower speed two hours after the building usage time
  3. Nights and weekends, do not switch ventilation off, rather keep systems running at a lower speed
  4. Ensure regular airing with windows (even mechanically ventilated buildings)
  5. Keep toilet ventilations 24/7 in operation
  6. Avoid open windows in toilets to assure the right direction of ventilation
  7. Instruct building occupants to flush toilets with closed lid
  8. Switch air handling units with recirculation to 100% outdoor air.
  9. Inspect heat recovery equipment to be sure that leakages are under control
  10. Switch fan coils either off or operate so that fans are continuously on
  11. Do not change heating, cooling, and possible humidification setpoints.
  12. Do not plan duct cleaning for this period
  13. Replace central outdoor air and extract air filters as usual, according to maintenance schedule
  14. Regular filter replacement and maintenance works shall be performed with common protective measures including respiratory protection.


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